Friday's Favorites: Shopping

I love to shop!! Shopping is definitely a weakness in my house. Brian and I used to drive to Grapevine for shopping trips when we first started dating! I do hate buying things at full price though (especially for Brady). I always look for coupons and sales.

If you know me then you know my ABSOLUTE favorite place to shop for anything is Target! I love Target. They always have a great ladies selection! Right now they have a ton of cute summer dresses. You can usually find me at Target 4-5 a week! I'm really hoping WF will build a Super T so I can buy my groceries there!!

My favorite place to shop for Brady is The Children's Place. I love their clothes! They wash so well. They have great end of the season sales and almost always have a 15-20% off coupon. Every year for Christmas and Brady's birthday our families get Brady gift cards to TCP. We buy fall/winter clothes with his B-day gift cards and spring/summer clothes with his Christmas cards. It works out great!


Go Rangers!

The Rangers are turning into a pretty AWESOME t-ball team! They are starting to get a better feel for what they are supposed to do out there. Of course they still all race to the ball every time it is hit, but now they know to throw it to first! All the boys are so adorable out there. We love being a part of this team! Here are some pictures from our last game.
Rangers vs. Yankees

The News' came out to watch Brady and the rest of the Rangers! 


Rangers T-Ball

We had our 3rd game tonight and the Rangers are looking good! Brady was ready last night for today's game. He got out his uniform and packed his new bat bag up. Here are some pictures from tonight's game. Go Rangers!!

Brady getting ready to hit a homer!

Brady playing pitcher

Hayden S. headed to 1st

Hayden R. scoring a run


Friday's Favorites: Nurseries

 I have been following A Love Worth Waiting For  for a couple of years now. Every Friday she always post her favorites for the week. This week she is posting her nursery ideas! I'm sure it will be years (2-3) before Brian and I have another baby, but just in case it's sooner than that I am already thinking about nursery ideas! Here are some of my favorites: I love all of these rooms for a baby girl...
And just in case we have a baby boy Brian and I have already decided we are going to have an all white nursery...
Have a great weekend! We are looking forward to a T-ball game in the morning and Allen's 2nd birthday party! Go Rangers!!


What's going on?

2011 seems like it is flying by! We rang in the new year with my sister, Jenn and Spencer, and The Moreno's!

Brian and I started school in late January. I am very busy with school this semester. Thankfully I was able to work at UR over the break, so I am done with my internship!! Brian is basically done with his class for the semester. His job counts as his class.I guess being a police officer does have its perks! We signed Brady up for Transitional Kindergarten at Wichita Christian School. We are so excited he will be attending T-K there. We have heard from so many parents how wonderful the program is!

Brady started T-Ball a couple of weeks ago! He is playing on The Rangers!! T-Ball is all we talk about lately (which is ok with us)! They had their first game on Monday. Talk about HILARIOUS!! They were so cute out there. Brady started the game playing catcher. He looked adorable in all of the gear! Brian said Brady wasn't very happy after the first "inning". Brady didn't like wearing the mask. The boys looked so cute out there and they definitely had a blast! We are looking forward to all the games ahead!
Tristin and Danielle welcomed Riley Michael Dozier into the world Monday night! We are so excited he is finally here. Tristin and Danielle are going to have an amazing story for baby Riley when he gets older.


Trying to be a Better Blogger

I am a horrible blogger! 2010 was a very busy year for our family. Here are a few highlights from 2010:

We joined FBC (and we LOVE IT!!)
We moved 2x
Brady turned 4!!
Brian and I started our final year of college


What have The Rhoden's been doing?

What have we been doing since August you ask? Staying pretty busy! The rest of 2009- Brady turned 3 and started a new Preschool, I started school in late Aug. and finished the semester with all A's(first time in my 6 years of school), Brian of course stayed busy with work and taking a class(smarty pants made and A).

2010 seems to be flying by! Brady is going to school two to three days a week in the mornings. We really love his new school and he seems to really like his teacher. He is such a smarty pants like his dad! I am not sure there is a word out there he doesn't know(including potty words) and he is learning the months of the year and the days of the week at school. Each week they work on a new letter and two new numbers.

I have a really busy schedule again this semester. Next week I get to pick where I will be doing my practicum next fall and spring. Right now I have it narrowed down to United Regional and CPS. This is a big decision because I will spend 200 hours there each semester. I have really been praying that God helps put me in the right place.

Between Brian's full time job and his 2 days a week part time job he is pretty busy. We did just found out his part time job is ending this week, so I am sure he will be looking for something else to do on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Well that is definitely a very brief summary of what has been going on in our lives. I will try my hardest to get on an update more often!