Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Brian and I celebrated our two year anniversary on August 3rd. Instead of exchanging gifts we are going to see Notre Dame play in October. We did however go eat some yummy Samuri! Here are some pictures of Brian and I on our wedding day!!


Runners Club

I have joined a small runners club! Well actually I have started going to Sarah's house M-F at 7:30 for a morning run. Sarah and Geri started running everyday at the beginning of the summer. Last Tuesday they asked me if I wanted to join. Of course my first reaction was heck no! Then I decided what would it hurt? So I got up early Tuesday morning and joined Sarah and Geri for a 3 mile run. Let me tell you...I thought I was dying! My side hurt so bad and I really felt like I was going to throw up. I have never considered myself to be a runner and probably never will! Wednesday morning rolls around and I am ready for round 2. It was much easier Wednesday! By Friday I was running and breathing a lot better. Julie even joined us Friday! I decided to start calling us a runners club! This week we ran 15 miles! I am very proud of myself and my fellow runners club members! Next week I am really going to try to run harder to shave some more time off our run. Wish us luck!!

See you monday Sarah, Geri, Amber and Julie!


Brady's Turning 3!

Things have been pretty busy around The Rhoden house lately. We have been getting ready for Brady's birthday party! Who can believe my precious little baby will be 3 in two weeks? Brady is having a Diego birthday party at Gymnastics Sports Center. We are so sad that Brady is growing up so quickly, but we are also excited to see him be more active and involved in everything he trys!

On a different note we finished summer school!!! Brian ended up with 3 A's (of course)! I got a B in my Art class in the first summer session and an A in my Drug and Human Behavior class. I am very excited to have the next three weeks off. I am also looking forward to starting school. I will have a very very busy semester. They will all be social work classes and should be pretty interesting. Brian will be taking one class in the fall. I am sure he will ace it!