Dora The Explorer

Camie, Amber and I took the boys to go see Dora in Grand Pr! The boys were so excited! Brady was asking for two days what time we were going to see Dora on Saturday. Dora and boots went on an adventure to the City of Lost Toys. They were joined by Diego for a little while. Brady and Carson were not very happy when Diego left.

They were all so tired after the morning shopping trip and Dora!

It's been to long!

Since my last post The Rhoden family has been pretty busy! I finished Camp Fire camp, Brian and I finished the first summer session. Brian finished with and A and I finished with a B. And we took a little vacation. We took Brady to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX. We really enjoyed Glen Rose. After we checked into our hotel Brian and Brady went swimming and I took pictures. Then we got ready for the evening and went to a pretty good little Mexican Restaurant. Then we just drove around Glen Rose. The town reminded us of Stars Hollow. Stars Hollow is the town on my favorite show Gilmore Girls. It was very historical and in really good condition for a little town. The next day we got up and went to Dinosaur World! The park had over 100 life size dinosaurs. It was really cool. Brian and I were trying to read about each dinosaur but Brady wasn't very interested. He just wanted to go play at the Dino park. We let Brady pick out two things from the gift shop and he picked out these little tiny dinosaurs and a back pack. The next day we spent the day at the Dallas zoo. The zoo was a lot of fun! Brady had a really good time. He loved the monkeys and elephants. Brian and I decided next year if we take Brady to the zoo again we will do it in March or April. It was so HOT!